Mr Ignition


ignition barrel replacement

If your vehicle’s ignition barrel is causing headaches and you can’t release your steering lock, Mr Ignition is your ultimate solution. We bring a perfect blend of cutting-edge tools, comprehensive parts inventory, and unmatched skills to swiftly address the issue and ensure you get back on the road hassle-free. Trust us to unravel the complexities of your ignition troubles and provide a seamless, efficient resolution. Your journey doesn’t need to be stalled – let Mr Ignition pave the way for a smooth ride ahead!

Broken key extraction

If you’re grappling with a broken key lodged in your ignition or another foreign object causing ignition malfunctions, resist the urge to force it or risk further damage. Instead, give us a call at Mr Ignition. We specialise in expertly removing foreign objects from ignitions, ensuring a delicate and efficient resolution to get you back on the road without any unnecessary damage. Trust Mr Ignition for a professional touch when it comes to handling intricate ignition issues.

Steering lock repair

If you find yourself dealing with a jammed or malfunctioning steering lock, and the struggle to remove it persists, avoid causing further damage. Instead, reach out to us at Mr Ignition. We stock the majority of parts needed, and our skilled technicians can come to your location for same-day roadside assistance. Trust us to provide a prompt and efficient solution to your steering lock issues without compromising your vehicle’s integrity. Call Mr Ignition for professional assistance and get back on the road with confidence.

Ignition switch replacement

If your car is grappling with starting issues caused by a malfunctioning ignition switch, fret not. Mr Ignition is here to provide a prompt solution. We specialise in swiftly replacing faulty ignition switches, ensuring you can hit the road on the very same day. Trust Mr Ignition for efficient service that gets you moving without unnecessary delays.